Restless 无法安宁

主演:米娅·华希科沃斯卡| 亨瑞·霍珀 | 简·亚当斯
导演: 格斯·范·桑特

Restless tells the story of two young-ins who fall in love, but at the same time are sorta weird. Oh, it’s directed by Gus Van Sant. That makes sense.

A terminally ill teenage girl falls in love with a boy who likes to go to funerals (been there, girlfriend). The two have some strange experiences on their journey together (sexperiences?) including their encounters with the ghost of a Japanese kamikaze pilot from WWII. (also been there, hey! Is this about me? Am I a teenaged girl on death’s doorstep?)

Here is the movie trailer,let’s watch it.

电影讲述米娅·华希科沃斯卡饰演的身患绝症的16岁女孩,遇上了一个比她更古怪的、喜欢参加别人葬礼的男孩(亨瑞·霍珀 饰)—他还有一个想象中的朋友、二战时候的日本神风特攻队的飞行员。两个被周遭抛弃的局外人就这样陷入了爱情。

I met a boy.
Yeah, I met him at Christ’s memorial.

I know you?
Does anybody here know you?

He’s kind of different.
Different to be good.

This is the 4th funeral I ‘ve seen you this month, and if I see you around here again, I’ll call the cops and tell them all of you…

This is my boyfiend, Marcus.
Nice to meet you, Marcus.
Pleasures are yours, I’m sure.

Thanks for bailing me out of there. I’m Enoch.
I’m Annabel.
Did you know that kid from the other funeral?
Oh, yeah, I volunteer at the hospital.

Do you know one of these kids?
No, Moorosi and I just like to see it.
Who’s Moorosi?
He’s a… ghost.
He’s a ghost.
Can I meet him?

Why she dressed like a boy?
He says he thinks you look really nice.
No, I didn’t.
Thank you, Moorosi.

Annabel told me you’re a funeral crushing dropout, with a ghost friend?
Sounds not so good when you say them all together like that.

So do you wanna talk about Enoch?
It’s geting pretty complicated.

I was lying about working in the hospital. I’m a patient. Is that OK?

Make her better.
I don’t think you understand…
Make her better.

I think of things going a certain way, and they don’t.

You think he has nothing? He has everything.

How is this going to go?
I don’t know.
That’s a part where you say it can go really well.

There’s a kind of songbird, that thinks it dies every time the sun goes down. In the morning when it wakes up, totally shocked to still be alive, it sings this really

beautiful song.

I sing every morning since I met you.



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